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To Become a Golf Member
Candidates for Golf membership shall only be owners of golf membership right or be nominated by owners of the membership right. All membership rights have already been distributed.

Interested parties should therefore acquire such membership rights from among members or contact Member division for assistance.

Category of Membership Right
There is only one category of membership right. A membership right owner/holder may be nominated only by one new member at one time, regardless of whether such membership is purchased by a natural or juristic person.

Validity of Membership Right
A membership right shall be valid as long as the Company is involved business with the Golf Course.

Such a membership right may be transferred, sold, bequeathed or taken over by the next-of-kin in the process of law, as the case may be.

Member Privileges
The member is entitled to use the club's facilities in accordance with Navatanee Golf Course's Rules and Regulation.

Spouse and Children between 15-21 years may enjoy the privilege of joining the course as associate members, which will be subjected to a special green fee rate.

Quantity of Membership Rights / Limited of Number of Members
1,093 membership rights / or 1,093 members.

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